Revision Services

To revise skin, means to completely strip back your routine and what you currently know or think about what is happening within the skin. Not only will our Estheticians educate you on WHY your concerns are occurring but how we will help you overcome your insecurities and transform the way you feel in your skin!

DMK Enzyme Therapy

DMK Level 1 : $260

DMK Level 2 : $290

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DMK enzyme therapy has been around for 50+ years. It is a truly remarkable treatment that will transform your skin from the inside out. It follows a "Remove, Rebuild & Protect" philosophy, principled on the fact that skin cells respond positively to chemistry that they recognize. The enzyme masque evokes various activities within the skin once its applied, kick starting our own amylase, lipase, superoxide dismutase, mitochondrial complex-2 and hydroxylase enzymes. These are all working together to stimulate the layers of the skin when it is flooded with the enzyme mixture. It also cleans out cell debris to leave a clean matrix behind and an improved, stronger skin, with better desmosome adhesion (the junction that connects skin cells). Enzymes then trigger a cascade of beneficial activities like flooding the skin with fresh oxygen, draining lymph fluid energizing the tissue and kick starting the healing and revision process for the skin. All in all, DMK enzyme therapy is suitable for any and all skin types, but especially beneficial for those wanting to revise pigmentation from years of sun damage, if you are suffering from a reactive skin barrier, inflamed or non-inflamed acne, rosacea or need lifting!

Procell Microchanneling

Procell Level 1 : $325 (60 min)

Procell Level 2 : $385 (90 min)

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