The First Step

The First Step

A first on the blog, and in your skincare routine!

Number one in your skincare lineup, the CLEANSER - the most important  part of our routine. Just like cleansing our energy after a long day of socializing, or melting away in a hot bath, our skin needs the same love and care.

Your cleanser can either be dreamy or detrimental to your skin health. A lot of compromised barriers, reactive and dry skin are caused by not using the right cleanser - or just improper cleaning habits. Let’s talk about them ↓

We always sweep before mopping right?

The theory behind double cleansing is simple…the first cleanse at night is your sweep, second cleanse is your mop; actually cleaning the skin, rather than just removing debris. Some even choose to cleanse for a third time and I do as well if I’m wearing makeup. Usually, start with an oil cleanser, then a creamy/hydrating cleanser, THEN your treatment cleanse. One cleanse in the morning is sufficient enough, definitely don’t skip it though!

Should acne prone skin cleanse more? Should dry skin cleanse less?

No matter the skin irregularities you’re suffering with, everyone needs to be cleansing once in the morning, twice at night. If dry skin feels more dry after cleansing → you need a creamy cleanser, cut back on the foams and gels. You shouldn’t feel squeaky clean after cleansing, if you do, your barrier is probably stripped of all natural oils, you should also use a hydrating cleanser more frequently than the latter. Although, if you have acne prone skin and feel like you are still an oil slick, use a cleanser with an AHA or BHA, or opt for gel and foamy more frequently!

Why is cleansing the most important part?

We always need to work with a clean surface. Opting out of cleansing your skin will create even more buildup than we already accumulate, could allow bacteria to fester and the products you’re spending your paycheck on, to not be effective!

Your cleanser sets the tone for your whole routine, if you use a wash that is too stripping, it could compromise your acid mantle (the shield protecting your skin), but if you use a wash that is not active enough for acneic skin…you could be stuck, not making any progress in clearing your acne. That’s why it’s so important to listen to your skin (and your professional), it tells us everything we need to know.