Harness your superpower as a service provider!

Our hands are our greatest tool, most valuable asset. Being able to connect energetically with clients, offer long term results and embody that 5-star experience every client is looking for…is exactly what the Lift and Sculpt will do for your business. 

Why the Lift and Sculpt Method?

  • Allows you to curate an even more enhanced client experience with little to no overhead.
  • Rediscover your confidence in the efficacy and power we already hold, rather than relying on machines and modalities.
  • Utilize this as your foundation that sets you apart and build your business upon it.
  • Create long-lasting results, thus creating raving clients.
  • Embody the meaning of true, intuitive touch with ALL clients.

Meet your Instructor: Alex Pentecost, Owner & Esthetician

Hello! I created the Lift and Sculpt facial massage as a way for me to retain a clientele when I was a very new, and somewhat oblivious, esthetician. It has since turned into the one thing I was able to build my business off of. Not only do I have clients who have been loyal to me for 3+ years, but I also am fully booked, with a soon to be team of service providers along side me.

You can definitely perform services without a fancy (and effective) massage technique, but it has been proven to me - through testimonials from The Skin Reverie clientele, that my signature technique, the way I cared and nurtured for their skin, is why they stay with me!

Providing our clients with a truly 5-star experience in our treatment rooms is the goal and the Lift and Sculpt facial massage is the vehicle to get you there. Get ready to transcend the way you treat clients and always keep them coming back for your magic touch. 


"I attended the lift and sculpt class with Alex Pentecost I was very impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. This class is definitely one to take. Nothing will ever replace our hands or the human touch and connection people need this now more than ever. Thanks Alex for a wonderful class." - Sabrina D.

"I loved Alex's massage class - she is a natural teacher, very hands-on, and very thorough. I felt like I got a lot of value out of the class and my clients noticed when I began to implement my new techniques. Alex also doesn't gate keep the products and tools she uses and was very generous in sharing how she makes an unforgettable experience for her clients." - Elizabeth S.

"If you want to hear 'that was the best facial I’ve ever had,' 'no other facial does this,' 'I felt like I was transported to a different dimension,' then you NEED to take Alex’s Lift & Sculpt facial massage course. After taking Alex’s course I have become so confident in my facial massage technique. Not only do clients love it because it is so relaxing, but there is a true improvement in muscle tension, puffiness in the face and the appearance of fine lines. I also love that Alex focuses on intuitive movement, and once you take the course and start practicing, this is something that will begin to come more naturally to you. Alex is genuinely the nicest person and a master of her craft. If you are looking to improve your facial massage skills, create an amazing experience for your clients and keep them coming back to you, you need to take this course!!" -Natalia B.

  • Lift and Sculpt - Virtual

    Transform your practice with our Virtual Lift and Sculpted Facial course. Learn the technique that has built loyal clientele and a thriving business, and start providing your clients with a 5-star experience today!

  • Lift and Sculpt - Upcoming Trainings

    Elevate your hands-on skills with our Lift and Sculpted Facial in-person training! With an intimate class size of only 8 students per workshop, we are able to ensure every student effectively grasps these intricate new techniques and is able to transform their practice as a service provider and build lasting client relationships.

    Long Island, NY - July 7th, 2024